A clear mind is everybody’s right!

Munnange is a Belgian non-profit organisation, founded in 2011, with the goal to provide psychological healthcare to vulnerable people in and around Entebbe, Uganda.

Munnange Counseling Centre offers mental health assessment and counselling on the Nkumba University campus in Entebbe and, through an outreach programme, to clients referred to us by the police, schools, orphanages and the local communities in the Entebbe area.

Munnange focuses both on structural changes and individual needs.


In-depth studies conducted among others at Nkumba University in Entebbe, Uganda, clearly showed a need for psychological counselling to help with intra-family, emotional and sexual distress, with difficult home situations and health problems such as HIV/Aids.

As a result of these studies Munnange was founded on the University campus and gradually expanded its activities and staff.